Meeting in Nature

Internal regulations

ARTICLE I - Admission.

1.1 All candidates must submit a registration form, duly completed. This application for admission will be submitted to the Committee which, after examination, will inform the candidate member of its decision within one month.

1.2 The admission request of a minor candidate must be accompanied by parental authorization.

1.3 The Committee is made up of at least 3 and at most 5/7 members. The functions of the Committee include a Chairman, a Captain and members of the Committee. The members of the Committee are appointed by the board of directors of the Naxhelet Golf Club, and receive a 3-year mandate. The mandates are renewable. The Chairman of the Committee determines who has other functions within the committee. Decisions are taken by majority vote. In the event of equality, the President's vote is decisive.

1.4 The sports commission is made up of the President of the Committee, the Captain, the Secretary and at least 1 representative of the different sections.

ARTICLE II - Contributions - Entry fee.

2.1 Each year, a rate of membership fees and the entry fee will be determined, possibly differentiated according to the category to which they belong: age, family relationship, membership.

Full member: access to the 18-hole course, pitch / putt, school and practice holes. 7 days on 7.

Weekly: access to the 18-hole course, pitch / putt, 3 school holes. 5 days a week during the week and excluding public holidays. (WE and public holidays = corresponding greenfee payment for 7/9 holes). Practice access 18 days a week.

Country member: federated member of a Belgian or foreign club. Same advantages as a full member.

Free member: practice, pitch / putt and school holes access.

Young adult: from 22 to 29 years old.

Juniors: from 0 to 21 years old.

2.2 The Free Member must pay a green fee at the guest rate prior to any access to the 18-hole course. If this does not come to settle, the greenfee will then be invoiced at the full price.

2.3 Payment of the membership fee implies acceptance of the general conditions of these regulations.

2.4 The membership fee is due for one year and is not refundable, it covers the period from 1er January to December 31. In the event of non-compliance with the payment of the subscription by December 31, the member will lose the advantages linked to the federation card (insurance, etc.).

2.5 Members must pay an entry fee in an amount corresponding to their registration status.

2.6 The member may request to be on leave for an entire year while retaining the benefit of his entry fee. During this period of leave, the member will no longer have access to the golf facilities and will have to pay a reduced membership fee. As long as all membership dues on leave have been paid without interruption, the member will remain exempt from the entry fee.

2.7 Anyone who has made a written request to the Committee is accepted as a member on leave.

ARTICLE III - Visitors.

3.1 Apart from the members of the Naxhelet Golf Club, the infrastructures will be accessible to the visitor, member of another club recognized in Belgium or abroad. The visitor must present himself upon entering the secretariat (shop) in order to communicate his contact details.

3.2 The visitor is required to pay the green fee prior to any access to the sports facilities. Inviting members are responsible for this registration formality and payment for their guests.

The green fee rate is set by SA Châteaux Thermes & Golf. In return for paying the green fee, visitors will be given a badge that they must hang visibly in their bag.

3.3 Châteaux Thermes & Golf SA authorizes itself to establish rules specific to the above if such exemptions are duly justified, in particular in the event of visits to large groups, meetings with other clubs, federal events or any other exceptional cases. 

3.4. Visitors must comply with these regulations and more specifically with regulations concerning the game, behavior on the field and in the premises.

A visitor in violation may be immediately excluded.

The Club reserves the right to refuse access to visitors whose clothing or behavior does not correspond to the uses of the Club.

ARTICLE IV - Access to the facilities.

4.1 The Châteaux Thermes & Golf SA will fix the opening and closing hours of the golf premises and facilities (grounds, changing rooms, practice, etc.). Members are required to respect them.

4.2 The Committee reserves the right to prohibit access to certain premises and installations if it deems it necessary. It may in particular prohibit play in certain seasons if the condition of the grounds requires this measure or if the importance of certain competitions so require. Failure to comply with this rule results in a major foul.

4.3 Any object or value left on the entire Naxhelet site is under the sole responsibility of its owner.

Under no circumstances can SA Châteaux Thermes & Golf be held responsible for theft or loss.

4.4 All accounts related to purchases and consumption must be paid on time directly to the managers. Failure to pay may lead to disciplinary proceedings with the club.

ARTICLE V - Changing rooms.

5.1 The changing rooms are accessible to members, their guests and visitors.

5.2 Members may have a cupboard in the cloakrooms for an annual fee which will be set by SA Châteaux Thermes & Golf.

5.3 The Châteaux Thermes & Golf SA provides members with toiletries and towels which cannot in any way leave the premises. Everyone must ensure that the facilities remain immaculately clean. Members are requested to put their towels, after use, in the basket provided for this purpose.

5.4 It is strictly not allowed cleaning golf shoes in sinks or showers.

5.5 Weekly, abandoned clothes and shoes will be collected and kept for one month at the secretariat where they can be recovered.

5.6 We remind you that SA Châteaux Thermes & Golf is in no way responsible for stolen or damaged items, both in the changing rooms and in the cars in the car parks and around the clubhouse.

5.7 Members who give up their cupboard or leave the Naxhelet Golf Club are requested to empty the cupboard within one month of the announcement of their decision. Otherwise, the cupboard will be emptied and its contents will be disposed of as provided for in point 5.5.

ARTICLE VI: Dress code.

Correct dress is required and the following dress criteria must be respected:

6.1 Ladies:

- Bermuda shorts allowed.

- Golf skirt allowed.

- No neckline or bustier.

- Shorts, training, jogging are prohibited.

- Jeans pants allowed only at the practice.

6.2 Gentlemen:

- Bermuda shorts allowed.

- Polo shirts and T-shirts with high necks allowed.

- Training, jogging are prohibited.

- Jeans pants allowed only at the practice.

6.3 Juniors

- Underwear must not protrude from the pants.

- No trousers with holes, neither dangling at mid-buttocks, nor shorts.

- Training, jogging are prohibited.

- T-shirt authorized for children under 12.

- Jeans pants allowed only at the practice.

6.4 Attendance at prize-giving:

To attend the awards ceremony and moreover to receive a prize, in particular out of respect for the sponsors, there is an obligation to change after playing.

For men, wearing a jacket and tie is preferred.

Certain exemptions will be decided and granted on the day of the competition.

6.5 Golf shoes must be fitted with soft spikes. The nails are prohibited.

6.6 Hats, caps and other headgear must be worn as usual, i.e. right side up and not upside down, and must be removed inside the facilities.

ARTICLE VII- Game of golf.

7.1 The general rules of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews apply.

7.2 If the Golf Federation issues specific regulations for an exceptional situation (eg park and play), they must be respected in their entirety. The Committee reserves the right to adapt these regulations to the rules of the club.

ARTICLE VIII - Preservation of the land - Driving range.

8.1 The players will take care not to cause damage to the grounds, they will in particular bypass the tees and the greens, they will not pass on the pre-greens or between the greens and the bunkers, with their trolley or the golf car.

8.2 It is not allowed to circulate with a golf car in the rough.

8.3 In order to preserve the mowing equipment, the use of plastic tees is not allowed.

8.4 On the course, players must ensure that the divots (sods) that they have cut or torn off are immediately put back in place and leveled.

All pitches on the greens must be carefully repaired.

8.5 Players must take care not to damage the surface of the green when putting down the bags or the flagstick. In order not to damage the hole, players must not stand too close to the hole, while wielding the flagstick, or take the ball out of the hole with a club.

8.6 Players must carefully erase any footprints or hit marks they have made in a bunker, carefully raking it. They will enter and exit through the lower part of the bunker.

8.7 The players will take care not to cause any unnecessary damage on the starting tees, in particular by doing practice swings.

8.8 The practice is only allowed in places reserved for this purpose. It is not allowed to pick up balls in the grassed area of ​​the practice. Practice balls are only used in the practice area. It is strictly forbidden to play with practice balls on the course, on the pitch / putt, on the practice greens as well as on the school holes.

Players can only get practice balls by operating the ball machines provided for this purpose. 

The use of practice balls outside the designated areas will be considered a serious offense.

8.9 Before taking the start, and more particularly in winter, the players will inform themselves about the playing conditions and will respect the possible limitations, in particular as regards the use of electric or manual trolleys, the type of shoes, etc ...

8.10 The players will strictly respect the safety of the persons in charge of the maintenance of the field. They will be careful not to play until the gardener (s) give them a signal or they are out of reach. A teeing area without a play mark (colored studs) and / or a green without a flag means that the hole is closed.

8.11 Garbage cans are available at the driving range as well as on the course. The players will use these bins to throw the waste there while respecting the sorting.

Smokers will use suitable ashtrays and will not throw cigarette butts anywhere.

ARTICLE IX - Discipline.

9.1 Any meeting, demonstration or discussion of a political, religious or linguistic nature is strictly prohibited inside the Club.

He's not allowed for members to engage in gambling.

9.2 The special decisions of the Committee will be brought to the attention of the members by posting on a board fixed in the hall as well as in the changing rooms. It is forbidden to post private or advertising communications inside the club outside the areas provided for this purpose (with the agreement of the secretariat).

9.3 The rules of golf, as established and possibly modified by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of Saint Andrews and the United States Golf Association, shall be binding on the course.

9.4 Pets are prohibited on the grounds and in all the facilities of the Naxhelet Golf Club. 

9.5 The use of mobile phones is not allowed on the field during the competitions except when emergency situations justify it. Likewise, for everyone's peace of mind, the use of mobile phones and / or electronic games within the confines of the restaurant, the clubhouse and the terrace calls for the rules of decorum and respect for others.

9.6 Players who are unable to attend the award ceremony must notify the secretariat by mentioning it on the score card. Any player who has not informed the secretariat will automatically be considered "absent".

9.7 The members of the Naxhelet Golf Club, both among themselves and vis-à-vis the various managers of the club, are required to respect the rules of politeness, courtesy and decorum and to behave with moderation and restraint likely to maintain serene, natural and pleasant relationships in the Club.

9.8 Any person or player officially representing the Naxhelet Golf Club outside or in another golf club is required to respect the rules of golf but also the rules of politeness, courtesy and decorum and to have a behavior made to measure and restraint. If it is a competition, wearing the club uniform is compulsory. 

9.9 Any user of a golf car must respect the regulations displayed on its windshield. At the secretariat, the user will sign a waiver and take care to rid the gofcar of any rubbish or object that he has brought.

He will store the golf car in the place provided.

9.10 Any player may not access the course (18 holes and pitch / putt) without having previously reserved a tee time either via the igolf application or via the secretariat. He will make his presence known to the secretariat before entering the course. If he cannot honor his reservation, he will have to unsubscribe. If the player does not unsubscribe or if he unsubscribes several times late, he will be liable to sanction from the Committee.

10.10 The provision and / or consumption of alcoholic beverages, on the courses as well as at the practice, are strictly prohibited.

ARTICLE X - Sanctions.

Complaints from members against one or more other members (including complaints about cheating, bad behavior, etc.) will only be taken into consideration once they have been addressed. in writing and signed at the Secretariat.

10.1 In addition to the specific penalties provided for by the rules of golf, any breach of the provisions of these Internal Rules may give rise to other penalties.

To know :

10.1.1 Minor penalties which can be taken by the Captain, the President or any other person designated by them. In particular the verbal warning, possibly accompanied by the obligation to leave the ground, or the written warning.

10.1.2 Major sanctions which can only be taken by the Committee, after examining the problem and / or hearing the various parties.

a) 1st note: Suspension from the club for a period of 1 month.

b) 2nd note: Suspension from the Club for a period not exceeding 12 months.

c) 3nd note: Exclusion from the Club.

10.1.3 Specific sanctions : the use of plastic tees, practice balls on the field, or the inappropriate use of hand towels made available in the locker rooms or any inappropriate use resulting in damage or additional costs may give rise to the following financial penalties , in addition to repairing the damage and / or reimbursing costs:

a) 1st note: verbal reprimand

b) 2nd note: a fine of 100 €

c) 3nd note: summons to the sports committee and deliberation on the sanction to be applied.

10.2 Apart from the verbal warning, the sanction taken by the President or the Captain or the Committee with regard to a member will be notified in writing to the person concerned.

10.3 Any decision taken by the President, the Captain or the Committee is irrevocable and must not be justified.

10.4 The sanctions provided for in the park and play of the golf federation are applicable in the club and supported by the Committee.

ARTICLE XI - Powers of the Captain.

11.1 The Captain decides on the distribution of the contests and games on the courses, the daily peculiarities of the game, the application of the rules of the game published by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of Saint Andrews and the interpretations to be given to them in the event of doubt or dispute. Its decisions relating to the rules of golf are final.

The Captain is competent to apply minor sanctions.

11.2 The Captain presides over the handicap system of the Royal Belgian Golf Federation.

11.3 In the event of the Captain's absence, the Committee may designate another person able to replace him for the day-to-day decisions necessary for the organization of the game of golf.

ARTICLE XII - Allocation of handicaps.

The practical aptitude certificate is a permit giving access to the field as well as the possibility of competing in Club competitions.

This certificate corresponds to a level of play determined by the sports commission.

Players who do not have the practical aptitude certificate are “unclassified” and cannot have access to the course (18 holes) without special authorization from the Committee.

Access to the three training holes will be subject to the appreciation of the Head Pro and the Committee.

Successful completion of the theoretical exam will give access to Pitch and Putt, with the agreement of the Head Pro and the Committee.

ARTICLE XIII - Professionals.

13.1 Only professionals designated by the club are authorized to give lessons to members and visitors of the Naxhelet Golf Club under conditions previously studied with the ASBL Naxhelet Golf Academy.


14.1 A pro shop is set up at the disposal of Naxhelet Golf Club members and visitors.

ARTICLE XV - Club House.

15.1 Unless authorized by the Management, the small lounge at 1er floor is strictly reserved for members of the Naxhelet Golf Club. 

15.2 The Châteaux Thermes & Golf SA will fix the opening hours of the club house which will be posted at the entrance.

Members and visitors must strictly adhere to this schedule.

ARTICLE XVI - Organization of the game - Competition regulations.

16.1 The Captain decides on the allocation of the land and the places where the practice is authorized.

16.2 The priorities are defined in accordance with the rules established by the Council of National Golf Unions and the Royal Belgian Golf Federation.

16.3 When the greenkeeper declares the ground in winter conditions, golfcars as well as trolleys without pins are strictly prohibited. No exceptions will be granted.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in immediate sanctions. (eviction from the field and, if repeat offense, summons to the committee).

Special "handigolf" conditions: players in possession of a handigolf card may use a golfcar on the course in winter conditions. This special measure will be granted as long as the trolleys are authorized and with the authorization of the secretariat.

16.4 The secretariat reserves the right to group the flights (eg: number of players, fluidity of the game, etc.).

16.5 A part which does not play the holes in the prescribed order has no priority on the course and must immediately and spontaneously allow any part approaching it to pass. It is not allowed to cut anywhere on the field unless no player is on the holes before and after the one intended to be played.

16.6 Entries for competitions must be made via the website or via the secretariat, by telephone or by email, and according to the modalities decided by the Captain who may limit entries given the availability of the field.

The start times will be communicated, at the latest, the day before the competition.

In the event of overcrowding at a competition, priority will be given to members.

16.7 Any modification to the start list, made without authorization, will be penalized with immediate disqualification from the competition.

16.8 The players must respect the rules of golf, in particular as regards the presence at the start of a competition (10 minutes before its starting time).

The rules of golf must be known and applied by the players.

Respect for playing partners, the field, fair play and courtesy are part of the code of behavior.

On the day of the competition, the local rules in force take precedence over the general rules of golf.

16.9 The Captain reserves the right to modify, even at the last moment and in the general interest, the teams or the starting times.

As far as possible, players will be notified, but it remains their duty to verify the time of their departure.

16.10 During the competitions the remarks made by the Captain or the person designated by him, for a constructive purpose and in the interest of all, must be followed to the letter under pain of sanctions described in article X (in accordance with paragraph 10.1 ).

When the Captain, a marshal or an authorized person asks a player or a team to catch up, the player or the team must comply immediately.

In case of non-compliance with the decision, the player or the team incurs disqualification.

16.11 The use of metric binoculars and course GPS is authorized during friendly games and competitions. Devices showing the difference in level or the wind speed are strictly prohibited during competitions.

16.12 Abandonment during a competition will only be tolerated for duly justified reasons (under penalty of minor sanction).

16.13 Any competitor who, without warning, does not appear at a competition for which he is registered, will receive a remark and may be suspended from the next competition.

16.14 Any competitor who has been caught for cheating or inappropriate behavior will be sanctioned by the committee.

16.15 The minimum age for using a golf car is 18 years old.

The driver must comply with the regulations displayed in the golf car.

The use of a golf car in competition is only accepted on presentation of a medical certificate, with the exception of the club championship (no golf car accepted).

If the player decides to use a golf car in competition without a medical certificate, he will be disqualified.

16.16 Senior players who have reached the age of 75 during the year may start from the blue tees with the strokes corresponding to the yellow tees.

Senior players who have reached the age of 80 in the year will be able to start from the red tees with the strokes corresponding to the yellow tees.

Senior players who have reached the age of 70 and a handicap greater than 22,1 may start from the green tees, located on the fairway, with the strokes corresponding to the red tees.

These measures concern “single” competitions.

As a team, the competition manager will decide on the allocation of starting tees.

16.17 Juniors under 12 with a handicap between 57 and 37 will start from the orange tees with 2 strokes per hole, regardless of their handicap.

Juniors with a handicap of 36 will start from their respective stud (yellow or red).

16.18 People with a recognized disability percentage will start from the red plots with the strokes corresponding to the yellow tee.

16.19 Tie-breaker in the event of a tie during a competition.

If a tie occurs in the results of a competition, the tie will be made as follows: 

  • Stableford calculation: first place will be awarded to the smallest handicap.

At the same handicap, if there is still a tie, the scores hole by hole starting from hole 18 will be compared.

As a last resort, a draw in the presence of the players concerned will be carried out.

  • Stroke play: in the event of a tie, the tie will be decided by going up from hole 18.

If there is still a tie, a draw will be made in the presence of the players concerned.

  • Club championship – Strokplay calculation: in the event of a tie, the tie will be decided in play off on holes 10 and 18. The best score achieved will be retained.

If there is still a tie, the tie will be decided in “sudden death” on holes 10 – 18.

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