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Open to everyone La Cuisine offers a diverse menu as well as an evening menu varying according to the seasons. At noon, we offer a different lunch formula every day.

Most of our products come from local suppliers, so as to reduce the ecological impact and support the trade of the region. The products are delivered to us every day in order to serve you the freshest ingredients possible. It is for this reason that our menus and lunches only offer seasonal products.

Accommodating up to 80 people, la Cuisine de Naxhelet relies on inventive regional cuisine, in search of conviviality and more authenticity. From farm to fork: we are proud to work with as many local producers as possible and the Naxhelet vegetable garden.

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From local, fresh and seasonal products, we offer a menu with many flavors. From starter to dessert, awaken your taste buds with an extraordinary culinary experience. In a setting conducive to relaxation and conviviality, come and taste French cuisine magnified by the unique touch of our chef who promises to take you through a taste exploration that will delight you.

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Truer than nature

The future of our planet concerns us. In this eco-responsible logic, the Domaine de Naxhelet has, since its conception, decided to add its stone to the edifice of environmental well-being by adapting its habits. To concoct delicious dishes, Naxhelet favors short or even extra-short circuits. Indeed, from our restaurant, you can guess the vegetable garden where we cultivate original products such as white eggplants or black peppers. There are many fresh and local products on the plates that play the menu of the season.

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A relaxing setting, punctuated by the waves of golfers! A chic restaurant, where quality is at the rendezvous. High standard rooms, comfortable with shower and bathtub. We enjoyed the Modern Architecture very much. The spa treatments in duo are pleasant and worthy of this hotel.

John dominghton
Thank you to the super qualified and really lovely staff. You won't regret going there!
Louise godfrin

Wonderful place dedicated to relaxation! The services and facilities are more than up to par!

AnneLaure Garnier

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