Trou n°3

Eric Brossais

The teeing ground for hole number 3 is certainly the most delicate spot for most players, with its three large trees in the middle of the fairway and its two hedes on either side. Once past the bend, the wide, slightly descending fairway affords a very fine view on Mehaigne Valley. Make sure however that you are not caught off guard by the two bunkers on the right on the second and the two deep green bunkers on the left! It’s a challenge hole for all the players. My advice would be to play to the right of the trees when teeing off, then play slightly to the left on the second shot to be able to approach the green quite easily… Good luck to you!


Trou n°4

Captain Philippe Gouverneur

The green of this par 3 hole is protected by numerous bunkers which complicate matters considerably. You need to be very pricese and not go astray on the left, because of the out of bounds. The simplest thing to do is follow my example: a hole in one!


Trou n°11

Yves Chasseur, Runner Up

If you are a long hitter, you will try to reach it in 2 shots, but it’s a delicate undertaking. The left bunker and the water to the right do not leave much of a choice than play straight. The second shot will still be long to reach the green that’s protected by 2 bunkers.
For players who approach the green in 3 or 4 shots, the task is a little easier, but the second and third shots are still tricky because there is water on either side.
Bear in mind that this whole is considered the most difficult (hcp 1). Remember that you have strokes, and above all use them! Good luck…


Trou n°18

Michel Cloes

What could be better than a difficult hole with a magnificent view of the clubhouse to finish our course?
This 370 metre, slightly sloping par 4 hole with an out of bounds on the right and a very narrow fairway is a real challenge. One sole objective: STAY ON THE FAIRWAY.
The raised, double plateau green with its two bunkers on the left and a splendid pond o the right is very pretty sight, to be sure, but keep your eyes open, expeically to read your putt line.